Our Story


Welcome to our Playhouse!

The concept of the name, Playhouse for Two, arose when Montreal fashion designer, Sabrina, became a single mom to her little girl. All I wanted was for our new home to be a safe haven for her, yet a wild & fun playhouse for well, just the 'two' of us. 

The vibe of PH2 leans itself towards a more international approach in dressing our kids of today. Empowering graphics and colorful brights enable them to freely and playfully express themselves on today's social issues, amidst this chaotic, uncertain world we live in today. Combing bright colour palettes and edgy pieces, your little one's style will surely stand out from the crowd.

With urban streetwear being the root influence of the brand, we, at PH2, always aim to use sustainable breathable fabrics when creating the coolest styles on the block. Comfort is key therefore the overall fit is a little looser than brands...you most likely won't need to size up!

Happy Shopping…and remember, let them play…it’s machine washable!


The PH2 Team